Business IT Solutions

We offer IT solutions tailored to your business needs and infrastructure. We can provide proactive maintenance and remote support to ensure operational continuity. We will troubleshoot and optimise your network performance, maintain your backups and help you leverage Cloud Technology to reduce your IT spending.

Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud Services is a great way of utilising business grade Email service and Office software for your business, no matter how big or small you are. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of Microsoft Cloud product options to suit your business to maximise office productivity and reduce costs.

Phone Systems with 3CX

We provide Business VOIP phone solutions with the world’s most popular VOIP platform coupled with reliable Voice Service providers to give your business smart and organised business phone capabilities.

Business Networking and Security

We can setup and service your dedicated business server, install and maintain your business and accounting software, provide consulting and troubleshooting on your network setup. We will look after your business Servers, all manner of desktop and laptop hardware including mobile devices and tablets.

Wireless Networks

Wireless connectivity for our devices is ever increasing. Now more than ever we have more devices that have wireless capabilities but most setups lack the adequate Wireless network range and performance to accommodate our devices.

Have a remote office or a shed that needs network connectivity?

We can help.

Domain and Web Hosting

Have or want a domain name or website? Confused with how it all works?

Protech IT provide all types of domain and website hosting.

We partner with leading web developers and design companies, to give your company the best possible image and branding.


Attacks stopped by Protech IT Advanced Threat Management Services per month


Streamlining your IT costs has saved businesses $5000 per year on average